What Food Should I Use To Trap A Raccoon?

There are a few things to consider when choosing what food to use to trap a raccoon. The first is what kind of trap you are using. If you are using a live trap, you will want to use a food that is high in protein and will not rot quickly, like raw chicken or fish.

If you are using a lethal trap, any kind of food will work, but something that is high in fat and sugar will be more likely to attract the raccoon. The second thing to consider is where you will be setting the trap. If you are setting the trap in an area where there are other animals, you will want to use a food that is not attractive to other animals, like dry dog food or cat food.

If you’re looking to trap a raccoon, you’ll want to use a food that’s high in fat and protein. Peanut butter, fish, and chicken are all good options. You’ll also want to make sure that the food is easily accessible to the raccoon.

Place the food in a container with a small opening, and put it in an area where you’ve seen the raccoon frequent. Once the raccoon is inside the trap, be sure to check it regularly and remove the animal as soon as possible.

How to trap a smart raccoon

There are a few ways that you can go about trapping a smart raccoon. One way is to use a live trap. This is a trap that will capture the animal without harming it.

You can baited the trap with food that will lure the raccoon inside. Once the animal is inside, the door will close and the animal will be safely contained. Another way to trap a raccoon is to use a snare.

This is a device that consists of a noose that is placed around the animal’s neck. The noose will tighten as the animal tries to move, and eventually, the animal will be choked to death. This method is not as humane as the live trap, but it is more effective.

If you are looking to trap a raccoon, you will need to be patient and use the appropriate method for your situation. With a little time and effort, you will be able to successfully trap a smart raccoon.

What do you bait a racoon trap with?

What Food Should I Use To Trap A Raccoon

One of the most common questions we get asked is what do you bait a raccoon trap with? There are a number of different things you can use, but there are a few that work best. One of the best things to use as bait for a raccoon is marshmallows.

They are sweet and raccoons love them. You can also use other sweet things like candy or honey. Another good choice for bait is meats.

Raccoons are scavengers and they love to eat meat. You can use chicken, fish, or even bacon. Just make sure the meat is fresh and not spoiled.

You can also use nuts or fruits as bait. Raccoons are attracted to the smell of these things and they will usually go for them. Lastly, you can use a mixture of all of these things.

This will usually attract the raccoon and make them more likely to go into the trap. When you are setting up the trap, make sure the bait is placed in the back. This will make it more likely for the raccoon to go all the way in and not be able to back out.

You should also check the trap regularly to make sure the bait is still there and that the raccoon has not eaten it all.

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What foods are raccoons attracted to?

Raccoons are attracted to food sources that are high in protein and fat content. This includes items such as eggs, nuts, and insects. Raccoons will also raid garbage cans and dumpsters in search of food.

In urban areas, raccoons are often attracted to pet food that is left outdoors.

How to Catch a Raccoon with a Live Animal Trap


If you’re looking to trap a raccoon, you’ll want to use a food that’s high in fat and protein. Some good options include: bacon, peanut butter, marshmallows, and bread. You’ll also want to make sure that the food is easily accessible to the raccoon, so they don’t have to work too hard to get to it.

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